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  • MoMentum [Moh-Men-tuhm]

    Defined: Focused Intensity Over Time, Multiplied by Music, Creates Unstoppable ///MoMentum


    Dj MoMentum stamped the industry with his talented ear and force on the dance floor. Mixing up and down the coast of Cali & Nevada for premier nightclubs and trusted top Fortune 500 Companies such as Nickelodeon, Motorola, Pioneer, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola and performing with 46,000 guests in Stadium for the SanFrancisco Giants MLB. MoMentum has brought his love of music front-and-center, which draws mass appeal for his refined and exclusive sound. MoMentum is one of the most well known Dj/Innovators in the Bay Area.

    His explosive and dynamic personality has made him an infused personality in the San Francisco nightlife scene all while currently holding monthly residencies at the most popular and premier venues. MoMentum performs monthly for major promoters and nightclubs in, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.MoMentum’s energetic attitude on the microphone has developed a loyal following over the last ten years. That which led him to one of San Francisco’s largest stages – RADIO. MoMentum can be heard Saturday Nights as an On Air talent and On Air Host for 99.7FM KMVQ CBS with House Nation.  This all just adds more jewels to his crown, where he remains one of San Francisco's most sought after, respected, liked and versatile Djs.

  • Events Calendar 



    Jan 1st - Pier 33 Butterfly SF #NYE
    Jan 9th - Private Party
    Jan 10th - Cellar SF
    Jan 11th - Private Event
    Jan 16th - Parlor SF
    Jan 17th - Private Event
    Jan 24th - Press Club SF
    Jan 25th - Tribune Tavern Oakland
    Jan 31st - Slide SF


    Feb 7th - Fort One SF w. Brody Jenner

    Feb 13th - Private Event Oakland, CA

    Feb 14th - The Cellar SF

    Feb 21st - Slide SF
    Feb 27th - Fort One SF


    March 2nd -Private Event Oakland

    March 7th -Slide SF

    March 8th - Private Event SF

    March 14th - Cellar SF

    March 15th - East Side West St.Patty Day 

    March 21st - Slide SF t.b.a.

    March 22nd - EastSide West SF


    April 2nd - ATT Park Giants vs A's

    April 10th -Fort One SF

    April 11th - Cellar SF 

    April 12th - East Side West

    April 16th - Press Club SF

    April 19th - East Side West

    April 25th - Private Event


    May 1st -   Santa Fe, New Mexico

    May 2nd -  Slide San Francisco

    May 5th -   Press Club SF

    May 9th -   Cellar SF

    May 10th - East Side West SF

    May 24th - East Side West SF

    May 29th - Fort One SF

    May 30th - East Side West SF


    June 6th -   Fort 1 SF
    June 7th -   East Side West 
    June 12th - DJ'n 4 SF Giants @ATTPark
    June 13th - Cellar SF

    June 14th - East Side West 
    June 20th - t.b.a

    June 27th - Butterfly SF  


    July 4th - t.b.a

    July 10th - Dj'n SF Giants Game

    July 11th - Cellar SF

    July 13th - Private Event Emeryville

    July 18th - Butterfly SF

    July 19th - EastSide West (day party)

    July 23rd - Sacramento, Private Event

    July 24th - San Diego

    July 25th - San Diego

    July 26th - San Diego



    August 1st - Dj'n Giants Game

    August 7th - Suisun Ultra 

    August 8th - Cellar SF

    August 9th - Afghan Health Awareness, LA

    August 14th - Cellar SF

    August 15th - SF New Venue t.b.a

    August 16th - Private Event Napa

    August 22nd - Ritz Carlton Truckee, CA

    August 29-30 - t.ba


    Sept 4th - Lake Tahoe Ritz Carlton

    Sept 5th - Tracy.Ca Mansion Party

    Sept 6th  - Sens, SF

    Sept 11th - Sens SF 

    Sept 12th - Slide SF

    Sept 13th - Beliue Gardens, Napa

    Sept 19th - Private Event Napa 

    Sept 26th - Slide SF


    Oct 3rd - Emeryville, Private Event 

    Oct 9th - Mayes SF w.Spinsters

    Oct 10th - Cellar SF
    Oct 17th - Carmel, Private Event

    Oct 24th - Slide SF

    Oct 29th - Harlot SF 

    Oct 30th - Holy Cow SF Pre Halloween

    Oct 31st - Halloween t.b.a


    Nov 6th - Private Event, Napa

    Nov 7th - Ovation Ultra Lounge

    Nov 8th - Private Event, Palo Alto

    Nov 14th - Slide, SF

    Nov 20th - Private Event, SF

    Nov 21st - Barbarossa SF

    Nov 22nd - Private Event, Carmel 

    Nov 28th - SP2 Lounge San Jose 

    December / New Year

    Dec 12th - Century Club SF

    Dec 19th - Holy Cow SF

    Dec 25 - Paris, France

    NYE 17 - Hawthorn SF

    Jan 3rd - Paris, France


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